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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

How Cremation Has Changed the Landscape of Funerals

Williamsburg Memorial Park: a place for remembrance.

When we think of funerals in a traditional sense, a casket, burial, and service all come to mind. In today’s world, other options are available and a lot of families are recently turning to cremation as their preferred choice after losing a loved one.

Williamsburg Memorial Park is not just for providing caskets and burial grounds. Williamsburg Memorial Park provides the service of creating a life event for your family during a time of loss. Much like a birthday or a wedding, a funeral service is an important landmark event in someone’s life. When cremation is the choice, Williamsburg Memorial Park can still assist with the planning and honoring process.

Not only is it traditional to honor the life of a lost loved one with a proper ceremony, but having a place to visit and memorialize them after is just as important.

“Even if the ashes are scattered or taken home after a ceremony, a family might still want a name on a wall plaque so there is somewhere special to visit and honor as place of remembrance,” says General Manager, Angela Byrum. Williamsburg Memorial Park strives to provide the absolute best options for your family regardless of the body’s final disposition.

The average cremation rate in Williamsburg is 80% with the national average hovering around 50-53%. Why is it higher in Williamsburg? Our community is transient, consisting of college students, folks who didn’t grow up here but retired here, and yes of course, families that have long-time foundations here. Regardless of cremation rates, Williamsburg Memorial Park is still the locals’ choice for memorializing and honoring the life of a loved one.

The planning process is still the same as if a casket and burial ground were involved. Williamsburg Memorial Park plans to help you to honor the life of those lost with a proper ceremony and place to pay respects forever.

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