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Sunday, May 19, 2024

ICYMI: Gloucester Garden Club to Celebrate Historic Garden Week in Virginia

Sculpture tucked into the perennials at Goshen. (Photo: Becky Meeker)

GLOUCESTER — The Garden Club of Gloucester and Mathews will present “Gardens & Art” during Historic Garden Week in Gloucester April 20-21.

Gloucester will have two separate Historic Garden Week tours this year, each requiring a separate ticket.

“Each tour is an art lover’s delight!” the Garden Club said.

Saturday’s tour will feature three homes and the new Fine Arts Museum of Gloucester. Those three houses are The Mazzzocco Home, River Promise, and Paget — all overlooking the scenic Ware River.

Williamsburg-style Wellhead at Paget. (Photo: Becky Meeker)

Each homeowner has cultivated gardens and collected paintings, sculptures, and objets d’art in their travels so that visitors may linger and take in the variety and quality of these collections, impressive in their sheer numbers, according to the Garden Club of Gloucester and Mathews.

The Sunday tour will feature the multiacre Gardens of Goshen, which are expansive and filled with world-class sculptures by renowned artists tucked into small gardens and spread across the sweeping lawn fronting the Ware River.

“Historic Garden Week in Gloucester is well known for its fabulous homes on the water and the extraordinary floral arrangements that adorn each room.  The tour is always a must-see for anyone that enjoys waterfront locations and flowers but this year, the art component puts it over the top!” exclaimed Margaret Singleton, Chairman of Historic Garden Week in Gloucester and Mathews.

Proceeds from Historic Garden Week fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic public gardens and provide graduate-level research fellowships states the Garden Club of Virginia, according to the Garden Club of Gloucester and Mathews.

Tickets for Historic Garden Week events throughout Virginia can be purchased here.

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