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Creating a Special Experience

At Williamsburg Memorial Park, you can expect the focus on detail and making your celebration of life a special experience to be a top priority. Unlike many memorial parks, Williamsburg Memorial Park takes pride in making your memorial service one that you won’t soon forget.

Planning and hosting a memorial service should be handled like most other events. You want your guests to feel comfortable, while leaving them with a feeling of thinking they just spend their time doing something memorable and meaningful. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but when the service is an actual experience, it helps give closure in the very best way.

“At Williamsburg Memorial, we aren’t selling clocks,” says General Manager, Angela Byrum. You don’t just walk in, pick out cookie-cutter details, and move on with your day. Williamsburg Memorial takes care in honoring each detail of your loved one’s life.

Was their favorite candy M&Ms? You can bet they’ll have those on site for your guests.

Did your loved one have a favorite song? Williamsburg Memorial will absolutely coordinate playing that for you.

If you have your heart set on including luminaries, its happening.

No request is off the table, no idea is unachievable. Even if your plan is for something small and private, every detail will be special and personal.

The job of Williamsburg Memorial is to help create a unique experience to celebrate the person they are honoring but also for the people they’ve left behind. You aren’t just choosing a date, time, and headstone. You’re choosing the most special ways to say goodbye and Williamsburg Memorial wants to help make that a treasured memory.

The unique environment at Williamsburg Memorial Park already creates a warm, intimate atmosphere with well-manicured landscaping and scenic treescapes. All that’s needed next is your requests and special details to help create a one-of-a-kind memorial service.

Get started with your planning by visiting Williamsburg Memorial Park at 130 King William Drive Williamsburg, VA or online at

You can also call 757-565-2006 to set up an appointment.

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