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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Fill Happy and Reduce Waste

Jana Flores in her new storefront, Fill Happy. (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

WILLIAMSBURG — Feel happy when you shop for personal and home care products, knowing you can reduce waste and help improve the environment when you walk into Fill Happy.

That’s the mission of the zero-waste refill store owned by Jana Flores, which offers healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to disposable products.

Fill Happy had been running pop-up locations in Williamsburg and Toano for almost two years before settling on its permanent storefront location, which opened April 28 in the Williamsburg Crossing shopping center.

The concept of using less plastic and reducing waste took root when one of the Flores’ young daughters began to learn about sharks and the ocean. Wanting to save the ocean and set a good example, the family started looking for ways to save the environment.

“We think when you run out of hand soap, it is silly to run out and buy another container when the one you have already is perfectly good. We know that most plastic is not actually recyclable and in the worst case, sits in a landfill or finds its way into the ocean. So, we offer a reusable solution,” said Flores.

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

Allowing customers to buy as much or as little of a product from the refill station gives them the opportunity to try something new or swap scents.

Customers can bring their own containers or purchase a glass or aluminum one from the shop or get a free glass container that customers donate.

“The donation glass is another way to recycle, reuse and stay in the circle,” said Flores, “We also provide compost collection as another way to keep food waste in the cycle and turn it into plant food that we will give back to clients for free twice a year.”

Fill Happy is open Monday through Saturday and Flores is excited to educate customers and assist with helping them make sustainable choices. There is also an online shop.

“We want to invite to the community to come see us. We want to inspire people to live better and learn. It is so rewarding to see when people make a swap for sustainable items,” exclaimed Flores.

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

Read more about Flores and Fill Happy in a previous WYDaily article.

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