Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Taste the Holiday Season in Williamsburg with This New Tea

WILLIAMSBURG brand has partnered with Harney & Sons Fine Tea to bring a new blend that represents the holiday season in the Historic Triangle (Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

WILLIAMSBURG — In partnership with master tea blenders, Harney & Sons Fine Tea, the WILLIAMSBURG Brand has realized a new tea that is meant to evoke notes of the holiday season in the Historic Triangle.

In an email interview with WYDaily, Holly Beal of WILLIAMSBURG Brand noted that the company partnered with Harney & Sons after being fans of the company for some time. WILLIAMSBURG wanted to create a tea that captured the “holiday spirit of Grand Illumination at Colonial Williamsburg.”

The new Holiday Heritage Tea is noted as a black tea with hints of both citrus and cinnamon.

“There’s no place like Colonial Williamsburg for the holidays, and the Holiday Heritage blend evokes the spirit of a visit with historic charm, botanical wreaths, candles, and firelight, and a warm welcome to all who visit,” said WILLIAMSBURG brand Director of Brand and Licensing Kiri Franco. “Holiday Heritage is an ideal collaboration for WILLIAMSBURG and Harney & Sons since both are focused on tradition with a fresh design; a new blend.”

Harney & Sons Fine Tea is an American tea company founded in 1983 and is now based out of Millerton, N.Y. It offers fine teas in many varieties and includes several products that are organic as well as certified kosher.

“We are excited to create this new everlasting partnership with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for a special edition blend that will perfectly fit into our Harney & Sons portfolio while honoring the deep history and traditions of Colonial Williamsburg,” said Harney & Sons Vice President Paul Harney.

Beal notes that this is just the first in a multi-tin collaboration with Harney & Sons. There will be a second special blend scheduled to launch in 2022 and then a third to follow that.

The tea is currently on sale on the website for Harney & Sons for $12. For more information or to purchase a tin, please visit the Harney & Sons website.

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