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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

From Both Sides: Youngkin’s Proposed Gas Tax Holiday

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is calling for a three month long "gas tax holiday" in order to combat surging gas prices across the country.
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is calling for a three month long “gas tax holiday” in order to combat surging gas prices across the country. (Unsplash/Erik McClean)

STATEWIDE — With surging inflation and the national average price for a gallon of gas continues to be in excess of $4.00, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has called for a three month “gas tax holiday.”

According to Youngkin’s plan, which he announced at a gas station in Henrico County on March 16, consumers will save $.26 per gallon of gas and $.27 per gallon of diesel during this period of time.

“Inflation, especially in energy and gasoline, is increasing because of failed policies by the current Presidential administration that constrain domestic supply. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine is further exacerbating the problem. These rising gas prices are hurting Virginians, and we need to do something about it,” Youngkin said. “The Commonwealth Transportation fund has over $1 billion more revenue than anticipated this year and next, from the taxes paid by the people of Virginia. This bill gives money back to them in the form of a gas tax holiday.” 

Youngkin called on the Virginia General Assembly to vote on the measure when it reconvenes for a special session in order to approve the state budget. The Assembly’s regular session adjourned on March 12 without approving a budget.

Shortly after the Governor announced his plan, both the Republican and Democratic parties in Virginia released statements on the proposed.

The logo of the Democratic Party of Virginia (Courtesy of

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw:

“While we can understand Governor Youngkin’s desire to address high prices at the gas pump, fuel costs have actually been falling. The Commonwealth’s transportation budget relies on gas tax revenue; in my district, the region can’t currently maintain our current infrastructure much less any new construction. Some roads even look like a war has been fought on them.”

“As final negotiations take place, we need to make sure we can provide relief for Virginians while still maintaining a robust and responsible budget. Senate Democrats look forward to working with Governor Youngkin, Senate Republicans, and the House of Delegates to achieve these and many other goals. Let’s get to work.”

The logo of the Republican Party of Virginia (Wikipedia)

Republican Party of Virginia Press Release:

“Today [March 16, 2022], Governor Glenn Youngkin took decisive action to ease the pain of rising costs at the pump by proposing a three-month Gas Tax Holiday, which he will introduce as a Governor’s bill during the upcoming legislative special session. Under Governor Youngkin’s plan, Virginia’s gas tax would be suspended for May, June, and July, and then phased back in August and September.

Last month, Senate Democrats blocked legislation that would have lowered the gas tax amid rising prices. Thanks to Governor Youngkin’s leadership, they will now have a chance to correct that mistake. Democrats should bear in mind that a vote against the Gas Tax Holiday is a vote against working families, and now is no time to play petty partisan games. Every member of the House and Senate should vote in favor of this much-needed relief.”

What are your thoughts on this topic?

To find more information and to find your local representatives, please visit the website for the Virginia General Assembly.

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