Busch Gardens requests height waiver for new, unannounced project

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(WYDaily/Courtesy Busch Gardens)
(WYDaily/Courtesy Busch Gardens)

As new rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg take shape, the park has put in a request for a project that has, so far, been unannounced.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has put in an application for a height waiver with the James City County Planning Department.

The waiver requests a height waiver for a structure up to 355 feet above the “finished grade,” according to the James City County permit tracking system, PermitLink.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Fans first announced the height waiver application Wednesday, saying the project is named “Busch Gardens Project 2021.”

The group, which runs a website dedicated to investigating new developments and changes at the Williamsburg park, said the height waiver is requested for the Oktoberfest area.

In January, the fan group also reported the park was conducting a height survey in that same area.

The writer of the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Fans analysis of the application said it is “way, way too early to tell” what the structure will be.

The application says “other” under the section for the type of structure being proposed.

The application fee for the height waiver cost $210, according to county records.

Busch Gardens has put in requests for height waivers in the past, as well.

In summer 2018, the park requested a waiver for a 115-foot-tall attraction, which was later announced as a “screamin’ swing” called Finnegan’s Flyer.

A roller coaster in the Festa Italia section of the park, at one point called “Madrid,” also got a 315-foot height waiver from the county in 2017, although the project’s true height is still unknown.

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Busch Gardens has six other attractions for which height waivers have been issued, including the roller coasters Verbolten, Tempesto, Apollo’s Chariot and Griffon.

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