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Furry Friends Feature: It’s Time for a Kitten Shower

Spring’s arrival means kitten (and puppy) season at The Heritage Humane Society. Like most little ones, it’s cause for hands-on care and celebration, which potential and new pet fosters are invited to enjoy at the shelter’s upcoming Kitten Shower. In addition to adds-on learning, discover how this year’s first litter of kittens helped welcome this new “era,” Swiftie style.

Join the purr-fect party

The Heritage Humane Society is extending a warm invitation to all animal lovers in the community to attend its upcoming Kitten Shower event on Sat., April 20, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. This informative, celebratory event, aims to provide valuable insights into fostering kittens while celebrating the arrival of the first litter of kittens of 2024.

The need for foster caregivers is more crucial than ever. In 2023, The shelter had 867 animals that were fostered including 496 kittens cared for and adopted by their forever homes. This Kitten Shower offers a face-to-face opportunity for those interested in opening their hearts and homes to orphaned kittens, pregnant mother cats, or nursing mother cats to learn more about the fostering process.

Meet the foster community

One of the highlights of the Kitten Shower event is the chance to interact with The Heritage Humane Society’s Pathways Staff and veteran fosters who will share their experiences and expertise. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the ins and outs of fostering kittens, from planning for their care to handling bottle-feeding demonstrations.

The decision to host a Kitten Shower stems from the shelter’s commitment to finding loving homes for animals in need. By offering informational sessions and fostering support, they hope to inspire more individuals to become involved in their foster program, ultimately saving more lives.

“We are excited to welcome members of our Greater Williamsburg community to our Kitten Shower event,” says Kimberly Laska, CAWA, Executive Director of The Heritage Humane Society. “Whether you’re considering fostering for the first time or you’re a seasoned foster caregiver, there will be something for everyone. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals.”

The Kitten Shower will feature an array of activities, including team introductions, an overview of the foster program, FAQs, and a kitten foster discussion. Attendees are encouraged to come prepared with questions and a willingness to learn.

The Heritage Humane Society is asking attendees to bring donations from their kitten wish list. Items such as feline pine cat litter, microwavable pet heating pads, digital kitchen gram scales, and canned kitten food are among the most needed supplies. For added ease, most items can also be purchased from the shelter’s Amazon Wish List and delivered directly to The Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Registration required

Registration for the event is required and can be completed online. While attendees are not obligated to fill out the online foster application or be active foster volunteers, the event serves as a valuable resource for those considering fostering in the future.

Additional fostering opportunities for older cats, dogs and shelter pets with medical needs are also available. Together, the shelter and community make a difference in the lives of the area’s largest homeless pet population.

First arrivals of 2024 welcome a new “era”

In a scene straight out of a Taylor Swift song, The Heritage Humane Society welcomed the first litter of kittens of 2024 on March 2, during a dazzling birthday bash in the shelter’s community classroom. Nine-year-old Harper and her squad of Swifties were in for a surprise treat as they celebrated amidst tunes from their idol. Little did they know, the feline festivities were about to take center stage when six precious kittens who were being surrendered made their grand entrance. With Taylor Swift melodies as their backdrop, Harper and her pals were bestowed the honor of christening the kittens, dubbing them with names fit for a pop star’s entourage: Summer, Tay Tay, Swifty, Red, Shimmer, and Lover. Despite the rarity of this enchanting moment, all the kittens quickly went into foster homes and have since embarked on their own love stories, finding purr-fect forever homes, marking the beginning of a magical journey filled with love and feline harmony.

Lover the kitten was adopted on March 22.

Adoptable pets ready

The shelter is filled with homeless pets who are eager to have forever homes. Over 150 dogs, cats and small pets are currently in their care. Adoptable pets are available to meet during The Heritage Humane Society’s visiting and adopting hours from 12 to 4:30 p.m., Tues. through Sun.

To learn more, visit, call 757-221-0150, or visit The Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

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