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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Muddy Marley’s Dog Wash Expands Location

(photo cred: Shelia Sullivan)

WILLIAMSBURG — Muddy Marley’s Dog Wash, located in Williamsburg Crossing Center, recently opened an expansion of its space.

The additional space was built to allow for improvements, as well as provide the community with extra space for self-services and provide more room for other things such as a canvas paint night or hosting adoption events.

“When we opened in 2021, we were doing full service, grooming, and self-service all in 1400-square-foot space. But, we were running out of tub space,” owner Rebecca Mulvain explained, “The expansion allows us to divide the space, one side is all self-service and the other is for our staff services. It really caters to every need. Muddy Marley’s now has more room for those wanting to use our self-serve and enjoy the tubs and the new tubs help our staff be more comfortable and produce better results. It is definitely a win-win.”

(Photo cred: Shelia Sullivan)

In addition to the four designated self-serve bays, Mulvain said, “Our expansion allowed us to add four state-of-the-art hydraulic tubs, which is much easier for our groomers and washers, and installed a technologically advanced high-pressure washing system.”

“It has been amazing to support Williamsburg and going forward, with this new expansion we are excited to keep providing high-quality services to our community,” stated Mulvain.

To learn more, or reserve an appointment, visit Muddy Marley’s Dog Wash online. Ferris visited to Muddy Marley’s Dog Wash in July and gave it two paws up!

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