Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Williamsburg to Become a “Dementia Friendly” Community

The Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce and the Peninsula Agency on Aging have partnered to have Williamsburg designated a “Dementia Friendly Community” (WYDaily File Image)

WILLIAMSBURG — In partnership with the Peninsula Agency on Aging (PAA), the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) announced on Friday, Feb. 25 that Williamsburg is set to become designated as a “Dementia-Friendly Community.”

According to the PAA, a “Dementia Friendly Community” is designated as such because it is considered a place where residents living with Dementia are able to live good lives, have the ability to live as independently as possible, continue to be part of their communities, are met with an understanding of Dementia from the community in which they live, regardless if it is other residents or businesses, and are given support where it is necessary.

The Williamsburg-focused effort is led by the GWCC’s Health Committee, which is comprised of members of community health systems, local businesses, as well as non-profit and philanthropic organizations.

“Creating Dementia Friendly Williamsburg requires each of us to recognize the value that PLWD offer our community, as employees, consumers and residents,” said President/CEO of GWCC Terry Banez. “We want to make sure area employers have the tools and support needed to earn dementia friendly designation to ensure our community is welcoming for tourists and residents.”

According to PAA, in 2016, there were 5.2 million individuals ages 65 and over living with Dementia, with numbers expected to be round 13.8 million by 2050. The goal of the “Dementia Friendly Community” designation is to create an area that supports these individuals ability to remain independent and feel valued through inclusivity.

For more information, please visit the website for the PAA.

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