Thursday, April 18, 2024

York County Releases Proposed FY2025 Budget

(Photo: York County Proposed Budget Presentation)

YORK COUNTY — York County released its Fiscal Year 2025-2026 Proposed Budget and said it will take public comment during the April 16 Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Proposed Budget totals $266.3 million for FY2025-2026.

Highlights of the proposal include:

  • a 3-cent Real Estate tax rate cut
  • Elimination of the vehicle license fee
  • Sufficient funding to sustain excellence
  • Employee compensation — 4% and $500 (4.83% average)
  • $2.35 million increase in inter-fund transfers into the school budget
  • Increase in health insurance (12% County; 2% Employee)
  • Increase in Virginia Retirement System (VRS) rate (7.34% increase)
  • $750,000 CIP funding increase
  • Public safety investments

The largest portion of the budget (28.6%) goes to funding education and educational services.

(photo:: York County Proposed Budget Presentation)

The public hearing for the proposed budget will be held at York Hall, 301 Main St. in the
East Room and the board is expected to adopt a budget at its May 7 meeting.

Those interested can submit budget-related questions by email.

The 2025-2026 fiscal budget and more budget information can be viewed here.

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