Sunday, April 14, 2024

VPCC Receives Donation From Sentara Health To Support Community Health Initiatives

(Virginia Peninsula Community College)

HAMPTON — Virginia Peninsula Community College (VPCC) recently announced a $99,000 contribution from Sentara Health to assist with providing affordable education in health-related fields.

According to VPCC, the donation will be utilized to establish the Gators Finish and Forward initiative, the goal of which is to help low socioeconomic students overcome barriers to social mobility to achieve academic and career success.

“This generous gift from Sentara will directly support Gators Finish and Forward, a new initiative assisting students in reaching the finish line of their degree programs in health-related fields,” said Daniela Cigularova, vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success at VPCC. “We aim to ensure that we not only prepare students for academic success but also connect them to the workforce and four-year degrees, with a forward focus on regional success and social mobility.”

The majority of the funding will be used for direct support to students in the form of funds to help cover tuition and fees as well as childcare, food, transportation, or other basic needs that may be needed to help students stay enrolled, explore educational and career goals, and complete their studies, the college said.

Test and licensure fees also will be covered under certain circumstances.

“This funding will enable VPCC to develop and implement wrap-around services, resources, and support mechanisms that address (student) needs and help them succeed,” the college wrote in its grant proposal.

This contribution from Sentara reinforces its shared commitment to creating healthier communities through partnerships with organizations and individuals, the college said.

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