Monday, December 11, 2023

Ferris’ Day Off (A Pup’s Adventure in the Historic Triangle): The Barkery

WILLIAMSBURG — Part beagle, part foxhound and all attitude, Ferris Bueller (no, not THAT Bueller but, definitely named after the 80s icon) is a one-year-old pup who loves to head out on adventures and explore new places and meet people.

Ferris loves to visit parks, beaches, breweries and any other places where doggies are allowed. WYDaily is set to follow Ferris’ quest for the best dog-friendly places our area has to offer.

Ferris got a call from his old friend, Deanna Cosby from Homes Fur Hounds. Cosby wanted to know if we wanted to meet up at the Hounds Tale Corner BARkery for a meet and greet with several newly rescued beagles who are looking for their forever families.

It was so much fun to hang out on the Barkery patio, enjoying all the attention as well as the yummy treats we bought from there. The Barkery is a pet-friendly retail shop and cafe located in downtown Colonial Williamsburg. The full bar and delicious food options make it a perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner with your friends and pups.

After some doggie talk, the group set off on a pack walk to see Mr. Thomas Jefferson, himself! The group got a lot of attention with many Colonial Williamsburg visitors commenting that we were a ‘beagle parade’!

Nicole Moyer from Sweet Ellie Photography joined us too! (This week’s photo gallery is all her work and all photo credit for this week goes to her!) Moyer got such adorable photos of all the dogs.

It was yapping good time (by Ferris standards) and we can not wait for what next week will bring.

If you have a dog-friendly suggestion you would like Ferris to consider visiting, please email his mom. Hounds are not very good at responding.

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