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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Sweet Ellie Led Owner to Photography

Ellie (Nicole Moyer/Sweet Ellie Photography)

WILLIAMSBURG — Nicole Moyer wanted to capture her puppy’s every move. So, she picked up her camera without realizing this would be the beginning of a new career and passion.

Pet photography was not something Moyer, a trained school psychologist, originally considered before Ellie joined her and husband, Dr. Andrew Moyer’s life eleven years ago.

“After we adopted Ellie, our rescue pup, I started taking pictures of her and it was so much fun. I enjoyed documenting what she was doing. And before long, I was taking photos of my friends’ dogs and Sweet Ellie Photography grew from there,” said Moyer.

Named after her beloved pooch and utilizing their combined love of being outside, Sweet Ellie Photography specializes in natural light pet portraits. Self-taught, Moyer has perfected a style that captures her subject’s essence.

(Nicole Moyer/Sweet Ellie Photographer)

In addition to her picture-taking skills, Moyer has learned a lot about photo editing, “People always tell me their dog won’t cooperate or sit still but, they are all on a leash. You just do not see it after some editing magic.”

Moyer is quick to acknowledge she has help during her pet sessions. “My husband is the dog whisperer! He will hold leashes and squeak toys. It is fun to do this together. Animals are not always easy to work with but, it is always interesting and I love it!”

While dogs are considered her specialty, Moyer has worked with all different animals. She has donated her time to work with several local animal groups, including Heritage Humane Society, Homes Fur Hounds, Life with Pigs and Dream Catchers.

(Nicole Moyer/Sweet Ellie Photography)

“Adopting Ellie from a rescue shelter was the best thing ever,” expressed Moyer, “It made me really appreciate that this group saved my dog who brings such happiness and joy to my life. Now, I want to give back, even if it is just a little bit. ”

One project Moyer is especially proud of is her work with Tails of the World, a global fundraising effort that raises money for local pet rescues. Tails of the World is a coffee table book that features pet portraits taken by 65 photographers from various locations around the world. 100% of the photographer’s time, along with sale proceeds, are donated.

“Last year, I was able to offer 10 sessions and donated my proceeds to Homes Fur Hounds. Plus, those 10 dogs were featured in the Tails of the World book and sales from the book went to rescue organizations,” Moyer continues, “I am excited that I was accepted again and will take part in book two!”

(Nicole Moyer/Sweet Elie Photography)

If you are out and about, there may be a chance you will see Moyer, laying in the grass with her camera trying to grab the attention of a local pup. Sessions are available on weekends. Contact Sweet Ellie Photography to schedule.

“There is research that shows looking at pictures of animals increases your happiness,” laughs Moyer.

To see more of Moyer’s work, visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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