Thursday, September 21, 2023

City of Williamsburg to Review Construction Plans for ‘Tidal Wave Auto Spa’

(Courtesy of the City of Williamsburg Planning Commission)

WILLIAMSBURG — A Tidal Wave Auto Spa may be coming to Williamsburg.

There are conceptual plans to bring the carwash brand to 1800 Richmond Road where the business would be located between the Cook Out and Taco Bell restaurants.

SHJ Construction Group is requesting a special use permit from the City of Williamsburg to construct the business.

The new construction project would consist of a drive-thru car wash in addition to self-serve vacuum stations and staff parking.

In July of 2021, WYDaily reported that another Tidal Wave Auto Spa was being build at the 6640 Mooretown Rd. in York County. A special use permit for this location was approved in 2019.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa has locations throughout the southeastern United States including South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Virginia.

There is a scheduled public hearing listed on the Feb. 16, 2022 agenda for the City of Williamsburg’s Planning Commission meeting. However, the staff recommends tabling the public hearing until the March 16 Planning Commission meeting so that the conceptual plans can go through a review from the City’s Architectural Review Board.

Also on the agenda for the Feb. 16 Planning Commission is a request of Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA) for a special use permit to operate and expand the public transportation and maintenance facility at 7239 Pocahontas Trail. The staff recommends the approval of a special use permit to operate and expand the Public Transportation and Maintenance Facility.

The full upcoming Planning Commission agenda can be found online at the Williamsburg Civic website.

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