Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sandy Point Farm Invites Locals to Pick Their Own Pecans For The Holidays

Picture of Pecan Trees at Sandy Point Farm. (Courtesy of Sandy Point Farm)

CHARLES CITY COUNTY — Those searching for an excuse to use their nutcrackers this holiday season can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Patricia and Nelson Smith from Sandy Point Farm are inviting locals out to the farm’s pecan grove to pick some of its locally-grown pecans to take home for the holidays.

“The weather has been good lately for people to come out and pick up nuts. We have a little bit more on the ground than we originally anticipated. The nuts were up in the trees and now they’re on the ground,” said Patricia Smith in an interview with WYDaily. “So we kind of wanted to get the word out. Especially with Christmas just a little over a week away. It’s a really good time if people are interested to try and get them.”

(Courtesy of Sandy Point Farm)

Sandy Point Farm is located in Charles City County, about 15 miles outside of Williamsburg. The couple is selling their homegrown Stuart-variety pecans for $3.00/lb for guests to “pick-their-own,” or $5.00/lb if the farm has picked them already.

“The last couple of years our trees weren’t producing very well and we couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, but they look like they are kind of coming back,” said Patricia Smith. “We ask people to bring their own bags for containers. Some people get a few pounds. Some people come and get a couple of 5-gallon buckets of them.”

Patricia says that all of their Pecans are still in the shells so visitors interested in collecting and eating pecans this holiday season are going to need a way to crack them open.

Patricia and Nelson ask that locals and visitors interested should call ahead to schedule a time and get directions.

You can reach Sandy Point Farm at (757) 903-6820, or (757) 645-8446 to make arrangements.

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