Monday, June 27, 2022

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s New Brand Based on American Artisanry

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has announced its new lifestyle brand which has an emphasis on artisans and their crafts (WYDaily Media)

WILLIAMSBURG — Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) has announced a new brand that is rooted in the history of American artisanry.

The new brand, called Craft & Forge, finds inspiration in the traditions of American craftsmanship but is designed for use in a twenty-first century world.

CWF worked with licensing agency, Thread, LLC, to lead licensing opportunities as well a partnerships to create Craft & Forge.

“Thread is passionate to be a part of the development, launch, and future growth of Colonial Williamsburg’s newest brand,” commented Cindy Elfenbein and Marcy George, co-founders of Thread, LLC. “Inspired by authentic storytelling and our rich American heritage, we are excited to represent a relevant and modern brand that embraces a total home experience for the consumer.”

Craft & Forge offers a wide range of products to include indoor and outdoor décor, seasonal items, food, beverage, and crafting.

While the brand draws inspiration from early American artisanry, it is designed with the modern consumer in mind.

The brand’s core value is to support emerging and established talent in order to help build appreciation for artisanry in the modern age. CWF notes that sales on all products go towards supporting the preservation, research, and educational programs of The CWF.

Craft & Forge will partner with companies and artisans in order to create products through the core values of emphasis on artisanry for the modern consumer. Additionally, Craft & Forge will offer marketing and branding support, while collaborating with licensees. According to the website for Craft & Forge, this will aid in the ability to “tell the fascinating stories from the past.”

“Our love of historic trades, our passion for the artisan-inspired products, and our desire to pass on artisan skills to a younger generation ignited the spark to create Craft & Forge,” said Kiri Franco, director of brand & licensing for WILLIAMSBURG brand. “We look forward to partnering with like-minded brands to bring an outstanding assortment of product to the marketplace.”

To learn more about Craft & Forge, visit the brand’s website by clicking here.

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