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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Parents can shop for their kids or sell the clothes they’ve outgrown at this new store

Two Trolls Consignment is aiming for a mid-December opening in Williamsburg Crossing. (WYDaily/ Courtesy Google Maps)
Two Trolls Consignment is aiming for a mid-December opening in Williamsburg Crossing. (WYDaily/ Courtesy Google Maps)

Attention shoppers: a new consignment shop is set to open in Greater Williamsburg.

Two Trolls Consignment is moving into a 2,100-square-foot space in the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center on John Tyler Highway in mid-December, owner Keisha Brawner-Ilea said.

Brawner-Ilea said she has two young children, and as a parent she wanted her business to carry items for kids of all ages. Clothes, toys, electronics, even furniture – “anything that caters to kids” – will be for sale.

“I wanted something, not just for babies, but for young adults, young kids,” Brawner-Ilea said. “When you’re consignment shopping you always find something for one or the other, just baby or adult. There’s nothing for the high school, middle school age.”

Her store will be divided by a wall that will separate items by age group.

Two Trolls will also serve as a place for parents to drop off clothes their kids have outgrown, or have worn through but could be re-purposed.

“I see a lot of my friends just kind of rotating clothes. Kids go through it so quick, they’re so hard on their clothes,” she said. “You find something that’s nice for them, and they wear them one time and you’re like, ‘Where do I take it?’”

She said while plans are still in development she would like to partner with local schools, so she is able to donate a cut of the sale for consigned items. Brawner-Ilea said she is working out a point of sale system so that it will be easy to track how much she donates.

Two Trolls will be the second consignment shop in the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center. Ladybug Consignment and Boutique, a carrier of women’s apparel, handbags, shoes and jewelry, also operates in the center.

“She has the parents and I have the kids,” Brawner-Ilea said. “She’s been very helpful, and given me some insight…She’s excited about me being here. We’re thinking we can bounce ideas off each other.”

The shops are a part of a growing trend of consignment stores in Greater Williamsburg, said Laura Messer, tourism and marketing director for James City County’s Office of Economic Development.

The county does not track data for profits or tax revenue generated specifically by consignment shops. However, she said she’s seen a change in mindset among shoppers that has driven an increase in the number of consignment retailers.

According to there are 11 consignment shops currently operating in Greater Williamsbug.

“There has been a continued increase but overall, it’s because people don’t just want to throw things away anymore,” Messer said. “I definitely think it’s a different kind of shopping. People love that sort of hunt, if you will. For the consignment shops it’s no different than people who like to go garage sale picking.”

While the area offers outlet shopping, consignment shops round out the options for consumers to choose from. There are also options among the consignments, she said, with some focusing on apparel and accessories and others functioning as restores.

“It’s an important part of our local shopping economy that makes us the Greater Williamsburg area different,” Messer said of consignments.

Brawner-Ilea said she has extensive work experience in retail as a visual designer and always knew she wanted to open her own business. It wasn’t until her own kids came along that she realized she could have fun working in consignment.

She added other parents can benefit from re-selling their used items in shops like hers, too.

“People are more conscious about how they’re spending their money,” she said. “Instead of stuff being wasted and throwing stuff out, they’re realizing they can be reused. Save money, there’s nothing wrong with this stuff…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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