Saturday, September 23, 2023

Update on I-64 Widening Segment III Project

The I-64 widening projects, Segments 1-3 (Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Transportation)

HAMPTON ROADS — The end is almost in sight for the I-64 Widening Segment III Project.

The project includes the third operationally-independent segment of Interstate 64 (I-64) in York County. The purpose for the project is to widen I-64 from approximately 1.15 miles west of Route 199, Lightfoot (Exit 234) to 1.05 miles west of Route 199, Humelsine Parkway/Marquis Center Parkway (Exit 242).

I-64 Widening Segment III Project (courtesy of VDOT)

The improvements will include:

  • The addition of a 12-foot-wide travel lane and a 12-foot-wide shoulder in each direction, with pavement reconstruction of the existing lanes.
  • Repairing and widening four bridges (two over Lakeshead Drive and two over Colonial Parkway), three major culverts, and to replace two Queen’s Creek bridge.
  • The I-64 east off-ramp to Route 143 will also be reconstructed and a signalized stop will be added at the end of the ramp.

The project also includes: drainage improvements, storm water management facilities, sign structure replacements, and corridor landscaping.

Here are some more important notes regarding the current progress of the project:

Travel Lanes

At this time, traffic in both directions of the corridor project have been shifted over to new inside travel lanes in what was the median. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) states that it is important to note that the driving surface on these new inside lanes has not yet been replaced.

With the shift in traffic, construction continues on the outside and shoulder lanes.

Bridge Construction

Bridge over Colonial Parkway (Courtesy of VDOT)

The rehabilitating and widening of the Colonial Parkway overpass bridges has been completed.

Widening of the Lakeshead Drive overpass bridges has been completed and construction crews are finalizing the rehabilitation work on the bridges. The total completion date of these bridges is estimated to be within the next month.

Milestone Traffic Shift at Queens Creek Bridge

Construction on Queens Creek Bridge (Courtesy of VDOT)

VDOT estimates that the Queens Creek Bridge will allow for the placement of traffic as early as the week of May 10, 2021.

Eastbound traffic on I-64 will be shifted first from its current configuration on the new future westbound bridge to the newly constructed eastbound Queens Creek Bridge.

This will all be dependent upon weather.

Current traffic configuration at Queens Creek Bridge (Courtesy of VDOT)

Transparent and Concrete Noise Walls 

Construction of transparent noise barrier walls along I-64 (Courtesy of VDOT)

As part of the project, three hundred feet of noise walls are being installed eastbound on Queens Creek Bridge. These particular walls will be transparent in order to reduce traffic noise, but still preserve the scenic view of Queens Creek.

These panels were also designed with with vertical stripes to deter birds from flying into them.

These are estimated to be complete sometime this month.

Concrete noise walls are under construction on I-64 east and west. The placement of the posts for the walls in 100 percent complete with approximately 85 percent of the panels set.

Estimated time of completion

VDOT plans for the project’s completion to be by the end of 2021.



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