Monday, December 11, 2023

Navy: Fumes linger as crews continue to clean Virginia Beach jet fuel

VIRGINIA BEACH — After a Naval Air Station Oceana tank spewed 94,000 gallons of fuel in Virginia Beach waterways Thursday, crews continue to mitigate its widespread over the weekend.

“The levels at which fuel can be smelled in the air are much lower than levels which can cause health effects,” an Naval Air Station Oceana news release stated.

As crews continue to monitor water and air quality in the affected area, all readings are within acceptable levels, according to the release.

The Navy requests that people and their pets avoid the area, and to wash exposed skin with soapy water if contact is made.

According to the release, the Virginia Department of Health urges residents not to fish or crab in Wolfsnare Creek to the south of Virginia Beach Boulevard and east of Lynnhaven Parkway.

Wildlife experts are still working to identify and assist local animals affected by the spill, as well as taking measures to keep them from entering the area, the release stated.

“We appreciate the care and concern of the local residents, and for your own safety and the safety of the animals, we encourage residents to not touch or assist animals that appear to be in distress,” U.S. Coast Guard captain Rick Wester, federal on scene coordinator, wrote in the release.

Call wildlife experts at 757-438-3159 if you come across animals affected by the spill.

One southbound London Bridge Road lane, between Potters Road and Central Drive, remains closed as crews continue to clean the spill.

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