Friday, December 2, 2022

Wasserhund brewery expanding with distribution plans

(Courtesy of Wasserhund Brewing)
(Courtesy of Wasserhund Brewing)

VIRGINIA BEACH – Local brewery owner Aaron Holley will spend the next month doubling Wasserhund’s tap beers to 16 while his staff prepares for an even bigger expansion plan: off-site distribution.

The German-style brewery at 1805 Laskin Road plans to start producing about 3,000 barrels of beer a year for distribution. To support the effort, the owners are converting 1,000 square feet of their site’s storage space for use in the larger operation. Holley, who co-owns Wasserhund with his wife, Christina, and Craig Lubinski, recently hired a tap room manager and plans to hire an additional person to help with the brewing, as well as two sales reps.

The place opened less than a year ago, last August.

“It’s pretty awesome and exciting,” Holley said in a phone interview. “It’s more like, when we first started out, we expected to make this step at the third or fourth year.”

Local craft beers spots like bottleBOX and Mix it Up have already inquired about carrying Wasserhund’s beer, Holley said. He wants to begin distribution by the end of July.

The brewery has created about 25 beers, according to Holley. Those slated for local distribution include the King Neptune Kolsch and Haywire Husky, a light European Lager with coffee beans, he said.

Wasserhund is aiming for a 2017 launch for commercial canning, which would open the door for the beers to be available in more locations, such as 7-Elevens.

The brew pub also offers bratwursts, pizzas and salads, and is about to add a new gluten-free line of pizzas.

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