Friday, April 19, 2024

Local Game Store Participating in Free RPG Day

Local game store Tap N Roll participating in Free RPG Day June 24 (WYDaily/Jillian Appel)

WILLIAMSBURG — Local game store Tap N Roll will participate in Free RPG Day at various locations around the Williamsburg area on June 24.

Free RPG Day is a yearly event that works with role playing game (RPG) publishers and hobby stores to offer a time for like-minded players and hobbyists to gather and play old favorites or try a new system, according to the event’s webpage.

Attendees will get to snag exclusive merchandise provided for free at the event for attending. The Free RPG Day website notes that the annual event occurs in over 500 stores worldwide.

“With how successful the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Nights have been in the store, we look forward to expanding the community’s knowledge about the variety of RPG games that are available for the average player to partake in,” said Jeremy Bass, owner of Tap N Roll.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer an expanded array of tabletop games, not just the major known ones like D&D and Pathfinder. Just something a little off the walls, something hard to find, and something to engage the community to pull them away from screens and get them interacting with other people,” added Renee Paranuk, current lead Game Master at Tap N Roll.

Tap N Roll will be hosting the event in the morning at both the Norge and Greater Williamsburg locations of the Williamsburg Regional Library. Later in the day, the event will move to the Tap N Roll store near the Norge post office. No specific times have been announced as of publication but will be added when it is announced. 

For more information about Tap N Roll and Free RPG Day, visit the official websites.

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