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Where We Live: A statement home that is both warm and contemporary

The view of the house from Cavalier Drive (Brianna Card/Southside Daily)

VIRGINIA BEACH — The historic Cavalier Hotel officially reopened its doors in March after substantial renovations.

In conjunction with the revitalization of the Cavalier, the surrounding streets received a boost as well. While many homes and townhouses near the hotel are still under construction, the Myrick family completed their new build in 2016.

The home at 212 Cavalier Drive is a stand-out structure on a street filled with classic construction homes. With its tall profile, 90-degree angles, and slim, black-trimmed windows, the contemporary face of this home makes a bold statement.

Wayne and Carolyn Myrick once lived in a traditional home in the Little Neck Community of Virginia Beach. As empty-nesters who were looking for a change, they decided to build something unique.

The family was particularly taken with the clean, modern designs of Phil Kean at Waycool Homes. Although Kean was ultimately unable to oversee the design of this home, the Myricks took his style to local firm Design Collaborative of Norfolk and architect Richard Fitz.

The expertise of designer Tannie Herbertson was integral in the layout and aesthetic of the home.

Carolyn Myrick credits Herbertson with everything from the selection of kitchen countertops and the perfect shade of brick, to the placement of family artwork on the new walls.

The modern kitchen which faces into the living space (Brianna Card/Southside Daily)

Herbertson faced a unique challenge in the design, as Wayne envisioned a fully modern home, with clean lines and cool interiors, and Carolyn hoped for something homier.

The designer was ultimately able to strike a comfortable compromise. The open concept, stark color palette, and angular profile are subtly offset with the use of mild textiles like tawny brick and dark wood.

A view of the living space from the third floor staircase (Brianna Card/Southside Daily)

“He wanted it to be modern but I wanted it to be warm,” Carolyn said. “So this was a combination of the two. Modern as long as it still had that home feel and was warm and cozy.”

One of the most exceptional features of the home is it’s lanai – a traditionally Hawaiian covered porch. Accessible from the back of the house, the outdoor space has two large doors to the street and one large door toward the open-roofed breezeway.

The open-roofed breezeway between the lanai and the main house (Brianna Card/Southside Daily)

In the breezeway is a hot tub and soaking pool. A hallmark of Waycool Homes that the Myricks incorporated into the house is use of natural light and water to create an organic living environment.

The living space reaches the full height of the house, and is made visually interesting with three open staircases and a full wall of brick.

The home also has also three bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office, and a formal dining room, all carefully crafted in their layout and design to coalesce with the contemporary aesthetic.

The three open staircases in the center of the house (Brianna Card/Southside Daily)

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