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Where We Live: Family home offers lots to love

Laura Feltman jokes that it was the spice rack that sealed the deal when she purchased the sophisticated-looking rancher off John Tyler Highway. But, in actuality, it was the home’s functionality and excellent craftsmanship that sold her.

In 2010, with the realization she needed to live closer to her parents and two young nieces — whom her parents were taking care of — Feltman contacted realtor Colleen Haskins to begin searching for property in Williamsburg. She was sure that she would need to build a home instead of purchasing one because what she needed was very specific.

“My parents were very independent and wanted an in-law suite with a separate entrance, and their own kitchen,” Feltman said. “I just thought I’d have to build a house to meet our needs.”

Haskins, however, knew of a property that might just work.

“She said there’s a house on the market that has everything you’re describing,” recalled Feltman.

“I came and looked at it, and when I walked in, I thought it was so gorgeous, and I just fell in love,” she said.

The home, built in 2004 by local contractor and tile and marble specialist Gil Demari, features a level of workmanship and finish that Feltman appreciated but never thought she’d be able to own. It also offers flexible living with an attached, but totally separate, in-law suite with its own entrance and garage.

She loved that all of the bedrooms they needed were on the first floor and could accommodate her aging parents.

“It wasn’t just bigger than I expected to own, but lovelier,” said Feltman. “All these finishing touches that the practical side of me wouldn’t have included if I had built a house, but it was just perfect in terms of addressing what everyone wanted.”

The open floor plan, beautiful wood flooring, high ceilings and gourmet kitchen made the house impossible to refuse. And even though Feltman is not a clothes horse, she loved the large walk-in closet with wooden shelving. The home hasn’t needed any renovations or major updates. Since she moved in, the only things Feltman added were a three-car garage, rain barrels, spray insulation and a whole-house generator, as well as a garden.

Another aspect of the home Feltman has enjoyed is its location. Though the house is off John Tyler Highway, it’s far enough from the road that noise has never been an issue. Set on nearly 3 acres, it has a country feel, which her mother adores.

Feltman recalled the first day they moved in, she and her mother looked out the window and noticed a few chickens clucking around in the yard.

“We had just stayed the night for the first time and had slept on an air mattress,” recalled Feltman. We got up and had some granola bars and then we looked out the window and saw them. My mom was really excited about this.”

Though there are no longer any farm animals, Feltman does have neighbors, who she has grown fond of throughout the years.

“Everyone is so nice, and we just feel so safe back here,” said Feltman.

After enjoying the home for several years, Feltman has recently listed it for sale. With her nieces grown and out of the house and her mother transitioning to a retirement community, Feltman felt that it was the right time to let it go, even though she’s loved every minute of living in it.

“The beauty of this house is that there’s plenty of room, and it really is a family house,” she said. People can come together easily, but also have their own space. There’s never been a day that went by that I wish I didn’t buy it.”

To see the listing information for the home, visit Liz Moore and Associates.

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