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Williamsburg Author Kathy Kasunich to Sign Books at Barnes & Noble on Feb. 18

(Provided by Kathy Kasunich)

WILLIAMSBURG — Local Williamsburg author Kathy Kasunich will be signing her book, “Always Remembering” at Barnes and Noble on Feb. 18.

“Always Remembering” is a historical romance novel based on the true story of her parents and was published in April.

Kasunich’s story is set during WWII and delves into the emotions and unseen consequences caused by conflict, according to a press release. The main character’s story was designed to represent the everyday heroes of World War II whose stories never made the front page, but left a mark on generations.

“Always Remembering,” is told through Helen’s perspective — stateside, contending with rations, meddling relatives, and loneliness — while Mike tells his story from the viewpoint of a medic in the 42nd Rainbow Division during boot camp and through France, Germany, and the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp. As each fight their individual battles, they must learn to adapt and remember the one who stole their heart.

“The reason the book is called ‘Always Remembering’ is a twofold. One is because when my father signed his letters, he always signed it ‘always remembering, never forgetting, loving you forever’ so that’s where the title came from,” Kasunich said in an interview. “But it also has a lot in regards to memories as a very important theme through out the whole book.” 

Kasunich resides in Williamsburg. In addition to writing, she is an ardent photographer, focusing her lens on nature, architecture, and her adorable grandchildren. Her love of photography, family, and history inspired her to write “Always Remembering.”

The book signing will be from noon to 3 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in New Town. For more information about Kasunich, check out her official author page.

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