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WCAC Annual High School Student Show Award Results

2023 JCC High School Student Art Show Award Ceremony (WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

WILLIAMSBURG — The annual WCAC High School Student Show opened on Jan. 11 at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center (WCAC), and on Jan. 12 an award ceremony was held for the students. 

The show this year was judged by June Skalak, a professional artist who has worked as a landscape painter in acrylic and oil for over 20 years. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Art Education she pursued her art career as an elementary art teacher, Illustrator at VIMS, and many years as a graphic designer for publications at the College of William and Mary. She also taught art to adults at This Century Art Gallery, WCAC prior to 2017.

Skalak used a set of criteria when determining the award recipients for the show, factoring in artistic aspects such as story communication, appeal, originality, composition, and technique. While no particular category was ranked higher than another, they did all contribute to picking the winners.

Honorable Mention awards:

  • Alkyone Niki Eleni Aristidou, Luxy, Charcoal, Lafayette High School
  • Meredith Kate Colburn, Coiled Pot, Ceramics, Jamestown High School
  • Sarah Cook, Scooby Doo, Acrylic, Warhill High School
  • Katie Cosby, Fall Squash, Pen, Jamestown High School
  • Allan Lee Dunn, Gender Euphoria, Prismacolor Pencil, Drawing Lafayette High School
  • Grace Dunnill, Dice, Gouache, Jamestown High School
  • Samantha Elliott, Moldy Juice Box on Toes, Ceramics, Lafayette High School
  • Keyla Ada Fletcher, Blink, Charcoal, Lafayette High School
  • Alissa Gonzalez, Vhagar, Ceramics, Lafayette High School
  • Samara Johnson, Self Portrait, Oil Stiks, Warhill High School
  • Mika Kenney, Book of Recycled Nature, Paper, Jamestown High School
  • Ainsley Lang, Apples, Gouache, Jamestown High School
  • Meaghan Reider, Giraffe, Ceramics, Lafayette High School
  • Mia Timberg, Mia, Graphite & Pastel Pencils, Warhill High School
  • Fizz Waldron, Skincare Routine, Watercolor and ink, Jamestown High School
2023 JCC High School Student Art Show Award Recipients (WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

Merit Awards:

  • Logan Joshua Clark, Screen Time, Ceramics, Lafayette High School
  • Hannah Coleman, Millie, Batik-Wax & Ritz Dye, Warhill High School
  • Danielle Dickerson, Please, Look away, Digital drawing. Jamestown High School
  • Colin Fitzgerald, Mixed Seasons, Digital Photograph, Warhill High School
  • Ella Gosselin, Bruno, Batik-Wax & Ritz Dye, Warhill High School
  • Lanie Hall, A snap of time, Digital drawing, Jamestown High School
  • Madison Susan, Townsend Suspicion, Graphite, Lafayette High School

The juror’s choice award went to Emma R Dellaposta for their piece titled Self Portrait, done in graphite. The student is a member of the Virtual Academy. Skalak was particularly impressed by the use of light and dark in the piece, calling it “A bravely creative self-portrait.”

Third place for the art show went to Alisha Scheumier, a student from Burton High School, for their piece A Break, done with chalk pastel on paper. The judge credited the piece as one of realism and a successful composition with a harmonious use of color.

Second place was a piece also titled Self Portrait by Kaydence M Shore from the Virtual Academy. The piece was done with a mix of graphite and charcoal, and was praised for standing out even across the room by the judge, as well as its use of telling a story through the subject’s pose.

Smile for Me, by Caroline Cook (WY Daily/Jillian Appel)

First place went to Smile for Me, by Caroline Cook from Layfette High School. The piece was done in charcoal on grey paper. In the comments, the judge said, “It checks off all the criteria with its clear presentation and excellent drawing technique. With delicate lines but confident rendering, and subtle use of white charcoal it provides a convincing portrait of this young man. Clearly, we know him a little now.”

All participants received participation awards, and awards for those not present were given to their teachers to be given at school.

The pieces will remain on display at WCAC until Feb. 10. For more information about WCAC check out its official website.

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