Monday, September 25, 2023

New Exhibition “Habitation” Comes to Linda Matney Gallery

The gallery’s new exhibition, “Habitation” will feature special guest artist Shauna Peck, along with other artists. (Courtesy of the Linda Matney Gallery)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Linda Matney Gallery will open a new exhibition on Friday, April 29.

“Habitation,” explores the challenges and joys humans face, “from celebrating the sublime, the beauty of nature, and experiences of living to facing issues like pollution, natural disasters, war, politics, mental health, and economic factors,” according to a release from the Linda Matney Gallery.

The exhibition features a variety of works from artists, such as New York artist Noreen Dean Dresser with her work about the environment.

“Some of the work features burned paper,” gallery owner and curator John Lee Matney said.

Shauna Peck, an artist from San Diego, will be a special guest. Her work is also concerned with the environment and how people relate to the environment, psychologically and as consumers. 

Other featured artists include Asa Jackson, Eliot Dudik, Elizabeth Mead, Nicole Santiago, Luther Gerlach, John R.G. Roth, Ryan Lytle, Kristin Skees and more.

The exhibit also features artists and photographers from William & Mary (W&M) and Christopher Newport University (CNU), which Matney said is “one of the rare times we have featured professors from both schools in an exhibit.”

The art gallery, located at 5435 Richmond Rd in Williamsburg, develops thematic group shows and collaborative art projects with local artists as well as artists from all over.

There will be an opening reception for “Habitation” on Friday, April 29 from 4-7:30 p.m. The reception will include refreshments and an artist talk.

The exhibition will run through May 29.

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