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Music Artist Greg Osby to Perform at WRL

(Courtesy of William & Mary)

WILLIAMSBURG — Greg Osby, a professional saxophonist, music composer and producer will be performing at the Williamsburg Regional Library (WRL) on Friday, Feb. 25, 2022, at 7 p.m.

The concert is a part of the College of Williams & Mary’s Ewell Concert Series. Every year, the W&M Department of Music sponsors several musical performances and features musical acts at venues around the City of Williamsburg.

Osby will be backed by Orrin Evans on the piano, Matthew Paarrish on bass, and Bryon Landham on the drums.

“It’ll be a collaborative of sorts. There will be a lot of exchange. A lot of stylized foray and modifications of familiar material,” said Osby. “We’ll be playing originals and we’ll be playing some jazz standards, but we will personalize it to such a degree that many songs will probably be beyond recognition.”

This will be a rare occasion to listen to Osby as the music artist has only performed in Virginia “once or twice” in his entire life. At 6 p.m., before the concert, there will be an ‘artist talk’.

“It’s kind of a meet and greet, more or less. We’ll give the public an opportunity to ask a series of questions that they’re probably more curious about,” said Osby. “They can ask something more specific. If they’re music majors or if they’re fans. It takes the veil off artists and makes them more human and more approachable.”

Osby has been performing and studying music since around 1975. He’s played with a wide range of musical acts from The Grateful Dead to various pianists/composers such as Herbie Hancock, Andrew Hill, and Chick Corea. Osby majored in Jazz Studies at Howard University and then furthered his music education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., where he majored in Jazz Composition and Arranging.

After this concert, Osby will be touring European countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

As he prepares for the concert and his upcoming tour, Osby offers some advice for young musicians:

“Stay focused and don’t allow yourself to be discouraged but also, in order to make a living as a working musician you kind of have to dispense with labels, and categories, and compartmentalization, because that’s what will limit you,” said Osby. “Something about this country wants to keep people in those compartments. They won’t let you delve into other areas because of a title that you affixed upon yourself. Nobody wants to hear a classical musician playing folk music or to hear a jazz musician play pop music, but I do. For any young person trying to play as a musician just try to be well versed and open to any type of expression that exists.”

The concert is free and open to the public. Masks will be required while indoors.

For more information on Greg Osby and his Williamsburg concert, please visit the event page for the concert on W&M’s website.

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