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From the Editor’s Desk: 2021 in Review

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This story is written from the perspective of WYDaily’s Managing Editor Nancy Sheppard. The stories chosen for this piece were done so at the discretion of Ms. Sheppard. -Ed.

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — This past year has been met with challenges, changes, highs, and lows for those of us living in the Historic Triangle. In wrapping up 2021, I find myself reflecting upon the many stories we published which impacted our communities throughout the year. Below is just a glimpse into some of the stories we published in 2021:

The closing of a beloved attraction

The Historic Triangle was shocked to learn of the sudden closure of Yankee Candle’s flagship location on Richmond Road in Williamsburg. This was a place that brought so many memories for locals and visitors alike. Its parent company, Newell Brands, never responded to WYDaily’s request for comment, including as recently as December 2021.


Landmarks that are Lost

This unique series to WYDaily allowed us to explore many different defunct places and attractions that used to freckle the region. We were able to take a walk down memory lane to look at the roller coasters, parks, restaurants, and places that no longer exist. To read this entire series, please click here.


The pandemic continued to loom heavy over us throughout the year. Between mask mandates, vaccine availability, the Delta and Omicron variants, returning to in-person education, as well as the ebbs and flows of the spread of the disease, we enter 2022 even more weary and aware of COVID-19 than we were a year before.

The loss of an icon

Chef John Gonzales’ sudden passing this fall was another shock to the community. Chef Gonzales contributed a great deal to Williamsburg’s culinary world and inspired many to take up the craft.

Cicada Troubles

Summer 2021 also saw the return of the Brood X Cicada throughout the Mid-Atlantic. While it did not directly impact the Historic Triangle, the pest, which hibernates for seventeen years before emerging to mate, was one that drew as much fascination as it did annoyance from residents of the Commonwealth.

A Lighted Boat Controversy

This past December, Yorktown drew national attention after a participant in the area’s annual Lighted Boat Parade not only covered his boat with political messaging, but was initially named the first place winner after being voted on by the judges, which included York County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman Chad Green and the elected York-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs. Neither Green nor Diggs ever responded to WYDaily’s multiple requests for comment. The boat was later disqualified.

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