Sunday, September 24, 2023

Water Country Revamps Ride for 2022 Season

Water Country USA has announced that it has revamped its former ride, Aquazoid, into Aquazoid Amped for the 2022 season (Courtesy of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.)

WILLIAMSBURG — Water Country USA announced the redesign of its Aquazoid water ride for the 2022 season.

The new ride, now named Aquazoid Amped, will feature a full-sensory, immersive ride experience, along with a special effects show, lighting effects, and accompanying music.

“Aquazoid Amped is a ride that encompasses the ultimate experience for our guests,” said the park’s president, Kevin Lembke. “From the exhilarating lights and soundtrack to the enhanced water thrills, this is a perfect complement to our park’s attraction portfolio and highlights our dedication to providing new experiences and making our award-winning park even better.”

Aquazoid Amped will send riders down 864 feet of fully enclosed, twisting tube at speeds of up to twenty feet per second. As a result of the enhanced special effects, each ride promises to be different.

This revamped ride is slated to open for guests in May 2022 and will join the park’s other rides including Cutback Water Coaster, Colossal Curl, and Big Daddy Falls.

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