Thursday, November 30, 2023

James City County-Based Summit Care Partners Awarded International Grant

JAMES CITY COUNTY — Summit Care Partners was recently awarded $1,000 of grant funding by The Global Doula Project to expand education and individual services to members of the community.

The Global Doula Project is “working for a world where every family receives loving, nonjudgmental doula support at the beginning and end of life.”

“People think it’s always too early to plan until it’s too late,” said Cryst’l Scheer, owner of Summit Care Partners. “There is still a negative stigma surrounding end-of-life topics, which include discussions about advance directives and healthcare agents. Advance care planning is really about opening conversations with each other regarding the type of life we want to live, the type of care that we do and do not want, and finding someone who is able and willing to speak for us during times when we are unable to speak for ourselves.”

This grant will kickstart a new education and outreach program Summit Care Partners said it is excited to bring to Williamsburg this fall. A variety of community groups will have the opportunity to host and participate in educational presentations, and several families will be able to have individual advance care planning services, including updates and revisions to current advance directives, covered in full through this funding, it said.

According to Summit Care Partners, it facilitates workshops, classes, and informational sessions for individuals, families, and groups who are interested in preparing for their final stage of life to support unmet needs in the community and encourage more death-positive conversations.

Scheer, a Qualified Advance Directive Facilitator, believes it is never too early to start proactively preparing for a thoughtful and intentional final stage of life.

To learn more about different educational presentations, workshops, or wellness programs or if interested in participating in the advanced care planning education series this fall, visit the Summit Care Partners webpage.

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