Monday, December 11, 2023

Two Williamsburg Men Charged in Gloucester County School Board Firearms Incident

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GLOUCESTER — Two Williamsburg residents were among four people charged with possession of a firearm on school property at a Gloucester County School Board meeting on July 11.

At approximately 7 p.m., the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy was on duty and in uniform providing security for a meeting of the school board at the Thomas Calhoun Walker Education Center in Gloucester County. The building, marked as Gloucester County School Board property, is the location of both Head Start classes and a licensed daycare facility.

During the meeting, the deputy took note of five adult men who entered the auditorium where the meeting was being held, according to the sheriff’s office. The men entered as a group but dispersed once inside, each sitting apart from the others.

The sheriff’s office said the deputy observed one of the men, later identified as 28-year old Trevor Herrin, of Williamsburg, had a knife affixed to the back of his belt in a “scout carry” position, which officials said provides the wearer easy access to withdraw the knife from the sheath.

Herrin came to the podium and spoke during the citizen comment period, alleging his vehicle had been vandalized during the last school board meeting and stated that (he) “would strongly recommend caution and reflection before engaging in anything like that, especially with someone you don’t know, with capabilities you don’t know,” according to a Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office press report.

In a subsequent conversation with law enforcement, Herrin labeled the alleged vandalism incident as an “attack” against him. The incident was not immediately reported to law enforcement, instead, he called several days later with a suspicion of several people who may have “slashed his tire,” the sheriff’s office said. Security video revealed no evidence of tampering could be seen, and Herrin chose to not file a crime report with the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office.

When Herrin finished speaking and left the podium, law enforcement said the deputy observed the grip of a pistol on the right side of Herrin’s body which he had been concealed due to the positioning of the weapon and the shirt Herrin was wearing.

Shortly after Herrin spoke, the group left the school building and proceeded to the parking lot, where the deputy along with additional deputy sheriffs made contact, according to the sheriff’s office. In addition to Herrin, the other four individuals with him were 32-year-old Derek Coblentz of Prospect, 26-year-old Chris Cordasco of Williamsburg, 27-year-old Antonio Hernandez of Fisherville, and a fifth individual who is not being charged at this time.

They were informed by the deputy that he was investigating the carrying of a firearm on school property, and during the conversation, it was revealed that four of the five members of the group were possessing concealed firearms, officials said.

As a result of additional interviews and investigation, the following charges were obtained against the individuals.

  • Trevor Herrin, carrying a firearm on school property and unlawful possession of a concealed firearm
  • Derek Coblentz, carrying a firearm on school property
  • Christopher Cordasco, carrying a firearm on school property
  • Antonio Hernandez, carrying a firearm on school property

With the exception of Herrin, the other individuals possessed valid concealed handgun permits.

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