Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ferris’ Day Off (A Pup’s Adventure in the Historic Triangle): Alewerks Brewing Company

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — Part beagle, part foxhound and all attitude, Ferris Bueller (no, not THAT Bueller but, definitely named after the ’80s icon) is a one-year-old pup who loves to head out on adventures and explore new places and meet people.

Ferris loves to visit parks, beaches, breweries and any other places where doggies are allowed. WYDaily is set to follow Ferris’ quest for the best dog-friendly places our area has to offer.

Known for being pet-friendly, local craft breweries are great spots for hanging out, meeting up with friends, and spending time with fur babies.

Alewerks Brewing Company is no exception, and with two friendly locations, there are options.

Michael Claar, operations director, said of the Ewell Road Taproom location, “We love dogs! We’d welcome them unescorted if we could, but we have to ask that pups remain on leashes and in control of their owners at all times. We have plenty of outdoor space for furry friends with a specified area for their business.”

The Taproom patio has tables, chairs and umbrellas in the warmer months, and a huge tent is installed in the Winter.

This location hosts a variety of food trucks weekly.

Over at Williamsburg Premium Outlets on Richmond Road, at the Alewerks Little Auxiliary Brewery (known as the L.A.B.), dogs are allowed indoors. This location has plenty of space to sit and chill when the weather calls for it.

Water bowls are always available, just ask one of the friendly beertenders at either location.

“Rain or shine, there’s always an option for an Alewerks pint with your pup,” states Claar.

Happen to spot Ferris out on an adventure? Come say hello! If you have a dog-friendly suggestion you would like Ferris to consider visiting, please email his mom. Hounds are not very good at responding.

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