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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Donation Yoga: Promoting Health While Doing Something Healthy

(Jessica Ruff Yoga)

WILLIAMSBURG — Once a month, you will find Jessica Ruff teaching an 8:30 a.m. yoga class at a local brewery. And for a donation supporting a worthy cause, you can join her.

Promoting health while doing something healthy for the community is Ruff’s goal.

Ruff admits the idea was not originally hers, “I got the idea for donation classes from other instructors on the southside. I liked it so much, I wanted to bring it to Williamsburg.”

Frothy Moon Brewhouse came onboard when Ruff approached them about using their space.

“Jessica came to us about the idea of a pop-up yoga class where student donation would back into the community,” Melissa Trainum, of Frothy Moon Brewhouse said. “The idea was something we could absolutely get behind because it is important for Frothy Moon to give back. Originally we thought maybe 15 people would show up but on the day of the first class, both parking lots were full!”

Yoga at Frothy Moon Brewhouse (Jessica Ruff Yoga)

“As a community-oriented business, Frothy Moon was willing to donate their beautiful space and align goals with my vision,” Ruff continues, “plus, they serve coffee in addition to beer, so when the class is over you can enjoy the beverage of your choice, and support their business as well!”

Everyone is welcome to attend donation classes. Ruff states these classes are great for those particularly new to yoga.

“There can be many barriers to entry into yoga. A class may not be accessible or could be viewed as expensive. This is an accessible, cost-effective way to try it,” said Ruff, “If someone is nervous to try a class on their own, they can come with friends.”

As the weather permits, Ruff and Trainum say there are plans to utilize the outdoor space available at Frothy Moon. Other donation class locations may be possible in the future as well.

“There are many personal benefits to yoga; physical, mental and emotional. Adding the donation part just makes everyone invested in the same thing. It just makes sense,” said Ruff.

Heritage Humane Society and Community Faith Mission were the first benefactors of Ruff’s classes. Hospice House of Williamsburg is the organization of choice for the March 4 class.

To attend a donation yoga class, wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat if you have one and come willing to try. There is no set donation amount to attend one of these classes.

To find out more about Jessica Ruff Yoga and donation classes, visit her Facebook page.

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