Monday, May 23, 2022

JCC Police Department Names Officer of the Quarter

Officer Jim Miller was recognized as "Officer of the Quarter" for outstanding work from July through September 2015. (Courtest JCC Police Department)
Officer Jim Miller was recently recognized as “Officer of the Quarter”. (Courtesy JCC Police Department)

Master Police Officer Jim Miller has been named James City County’s “Officer of the Quarter” for his outstanding work from July through September 2015.

The Officer of the Quarter award, created by Maj. Eric Peterson in summer of 2014, recognizes officers who “go beyond the call duty and exemplify the county values,” according to a recent news release from the police department.

Miller was singled out for recognition due to three different initiatives he undertook between July and September. The first of these was the proactive role he took on in coordinating and mediating a meeting between three neighbors who had gotten into a dispute with one another in a residential area within his work zone.

Miller’s other major accomplishments centered around a particular neighborhood under his jurisdiction where he went above and beyond his normal responsibilities in order to reduce criminal activity in that area. In addition to attending a Homeowners Association meeting in said neighborhood, Miller also conducted extra foot patrols and went out of his way to speak to residents in an attempt to both inform and gather information from the public.

“[Officer Miller] is a true asset not only to the James City County Police Department, but to the citizens within our community as well,” Peterson said.

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