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What to Expect When Planning a Memorial Service

Entrance to gorgeously maintained grounds

If you have never had to plan a memorial for a loved one, the new experience can seem like an overwhelming one. Without any idea of exactly where to start or who to turn to for help, it’s completely natural to feel uneasy. Williamsburg Memorial Park hopes to alleviate any of those anxieties for you by outlining what you can expect here.

First time arriving to Williamsburg Memorial Park? You’ve already made the right first decision. Choosing a resting place that has celebrated the lives of so many since first opening in 1962, is a good one. Upon arriving, you can expect to be greeted by one of the amazing, friendly staff. Williamsburg Memorial takes pride in being the first smile you see when you need a smile the most. The staff of family service counselors has more than 15 years of experience in working with families just like yours.

The space for your initial meeting is welcoming, while still being conducive to discussing business. You’ll be able to sit down to review important choices in a multitude of meeting spaces. The main building has comfortable offices to meet in for smaller groups to keep things intimate, along with large meeting rooms if a bigger group is involved in the planning.

Once the details of the memorial are planned, you can expect that an attendant will be available to you for the entirety of your visit to the park. The grounds will be maintained to the highest standards. Your use of the space will be exactly how you want and need it to be.

Williamsburg Memorial Park only plans two services each day so that your family and friends can have the privacy and length of time needed to properly memorialize your loved one’s life. The amount of time that you need, is completely up to you.

Saying farewell is never easy. Planning a farewell is never easy, either. Williamsburg Memorial Park strives to make the process as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on what is truly important: honoring the life of your loved one.

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