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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Index AR Solutions Joins Center for Energy Workforce Development

Interactive eBooks and mobile apps from Williamsburg-based Index AR Solutions can create digital training programs (Courtesy of Index AR Solutions)

WILLIAMSBURG — Index AR Solutions announced that it has joined the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) as an Associate Member to help build a skilled and diverse workforce pipeline.

Index AR Solutions is a software company based out of Williamsburg.

Index is one of CEWD’s first three Associate Members, which include Fortune Global 500 professional services firm Accenture, and DitchWitch, which provides underground utility construction equipment.

Formed in March 2006, CEWD is non-profit network of electric, natural gas, and nuclear utilities and their associations. 

“We welcome Index to the CEWD community and are inspired by their passion for using technology to reimagine worker training and education,” CEWD Executive Director Missy Henriksen said. “Collaboration is in the Index DNA, and we are excited to have them as a key partner who shares our commitment to moving the energy workforce forward.”

Index is an active participant in the CEWD mission, with Index Senior Director of Client and Corporate Development Chris Biernacki having co-presented at the CEWD’s 2021 Energy Workforce Development Summit alongside MidAmerican Energy’s Director of Corporate Training, Andrea Bruxvoort, last month.

The Summit session with MidAmerican showcased how Index mobile apps and eBooks provide a new way of teaching and engaging workers.

“By switching up the way we deliver information, we can align the best training method with each trainee’s learning style and preference,” Bruxvoort said. “Our employees can better retain information and recall it when they need it, leading to a higher level of preparedness and ultimately a safer work environment.”

Organizations use Apprentice Program solutions from Index to create multimodal digital curriculums that streamline and replace legacy training materials, helping organizations address remote learning requirements and more, according to a Jan. 13 release from Index AR Solutions.

“As a CEWD member, we look forward to collaborating with Missy and the other members to solve pressing turnover, recruitment and education challenges,” Index AR Solutions CEO Dan Arczynski said.

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