Friday, February 3, 2023

Looking for a gun holster? This business is making them in James City County

High Threat Concealment's Element-I line of products are available to the public this year. (WYDaily/Courtesy High Threat Concealment)
High Threat Concealment’s Element-I line of products are available to the public this year. (WYDaily/Courtesy High Threat Concealment)

Scott Lambin scanned the busy streets for threats as he escorted a U.S. diplomat through the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan.

His trusted Glock 17 was tucked away in a custom holster held firmly to his waist, ready for use in an instant. Anyone who glanced at him would probably be unaware he was carrying a firearm unless he drew.

Now the chief marketing officer for High Threat Concealment, Lambin served for years as a Marine and later with a private security firm, where he worked on the security details for Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, and the late Sen. John McCain.

“We were charged with keeping them alive, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” Lambin said. “The gear is one of the main enablers to let us do that.”

Now, he and his new teammates at High Threat Concealment are bringing their custom-designed, field-tested, low profile tactical gear to customers in James City County.

The company was founded in 2012 when U.S. diplomatic security personnel James Overton and Adam Garrison saw the need for more options for equipment that fit the government’s restrictions. They ordered a band saw and other equipment to begin molding plastics holsters to fit their firearms, magazines, radios and other equipment – securing them in place and making them easier to draw while maintaining a stealthy profile.

“You can essentially carry everything you need to do your job, but you can cover it up to where you can’t tell you have anything on,” Lambin said.

For the first several years of its existence Lambin said they focused their operations on securing contracts with the government, law enforcement and private security companies. He added they’ve sold about $1.2 million worth of their products over the last year.

High Threat Concealment moved from Newport News to McLaws Circle in October, and the company is also moving into the consumer market.

This year High Threat Concealment is unveiling products made for shooting sports enthusiasts and everyday concealed carrying.

The newly-released Element holster fits inside the waistband and is made to be more affordable than similar products made for security professionals.

Their products are carried by dealers throughout the area. While potential customers can browse many of their products at their new office, Lambin said High Threat Concealment doesn’t conduct sales from their base of operations. Customers can also browse on their website, which is undergoing an overhaul that is expected to be completed in December.

The advantage to their products, Lambin said, is that they give their users options. Users are able to clip their Boltaron thermoplastic holsters onto their nylon belt in the position they personally find most comfortable. The materials, he said, don’t deform under high heat or after thousand of uses.

Lambin said High Threat Concealment manufactures their products from McLaws Circle. They own roughly 3,000 molds and tools made to fit a wide array of firearms and other equipment.

“It’s not just James City County,” Lambin said, adding their products are used “as far east as Jordan and as far west as California.”

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