Friday, December 9, 2022

Married Army sergeants bring juice joint to New Town

Deborah and Kalvin Newkirk prepare one of their signature juices behind the bar at JuiceFix Juicery. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

A pair of Army sergeants wants to get Williamsburg in shape.

They won’t put anyone through boot camp, but they think drinking their cold-pressed juices and smoothies at their new spot in James City County can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

JuiceFix Juicery is expanding beyond locations in Fort Eustis and Hampton to host a grand opening in New Town Sept. 9.

Located across from Buffalo Wild Wings, the new JuiceFix will offer a variety of smoothies and juices created by husband-and-wife duo Kalvin and Deborah Newkirk.

“Our mission at JuiceFix Juicery is to make quality juices high in nutrition that’s affordable and accessible to all people,” reads the company website.

The Newkirks have both served in the Army — Deborah for seven years before retiring, and Kalvin is going on his 19th year of active service. Both also reached the rank of Sergeant, with Kalvin Newkirk as a Sergeant First Class.

Long before they decided to open a series of juiceries together, the two met at a work-related get-together between their two bosses.

“[Kalvin] sat next to me at the meeting,” Deborah Newkirk said. “We hit it off and got married last year.”

Deborah and Kalvin Newkirk stand behind the JuiceFix Juicery bar in New Town. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

The Newkirks opened their first juice bar in the aquatic center of Fort Eustis in 2014. Deborah Newkirk said the idea for opening a juicery came to her while she was serving at Fort Eustis.

She said she was struck by the lack of healthy eating options at the fort and was so appalled she would routinely eat a healthier lunch off-base.

Healthy eating is important for both Newkirks, and has been for their entire lives. Deborah said she was born in Grenada and Kalvin hails from Jamaica.

“We’re both from the islands and we’re raised around fresh healthy fruit all the time,” said Deborah Newkirk. “We made a juice from everything you could find…Growing up, my mom always ate very healthy. I’ve always been into eating fruit and veggies.”

The couple now hopes to bring a menu full of healthy juices and smoothies to the Historic Triangle. Deborah Newkirk said they have many customers from Williamsburg who frequently visit their Fort Eustis location. In fact, those customers were part of the couple’s decision to expand up the Peninsula.

“Some people don’t like eating the fruits and vegetables,” Deborah said. “This is a good way to get the fruits and veggie in a delicious way.”

The couple claims their products are fresh, non-processed and without preservatives, and a typical drink contains four to five fruits and vegetables.

JuiceFix’s menu can be found on its website. Customers can order for both pick-up and delivery.

Deborah Newkirk said her favorite menu item is the Sweet Kiss Smoothie.

“The combo of the flavors is so good to me,” she said. “Every day I drink it. I get a craving.”

She added JuiceFix’s most popular items among customers include their wellness shots and smoothie bowls.

One of JuiceFix’s signature juices. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

“Nutrition is the way to go,” Deborah Newkirk said. “People are sick of fast food. They’re too aware of what they’re putting in their body every day…People are seeking out healthy places to eat.”

The Newkirks say they see more than 100 customers come through their Fort Eustis store on an average day. Between resident demand and tourists, Deborah Newkirk says she has high hopes for their newest store.

“Williamsburg is going to be busier,” she said. “Customers are so excited we’re going there. I’m pretty sure we’re going to outgrow that space…We do plan to franchise. That’s our next step.”

The Newkirks are actively seeking a franchisee to manage the New Town location. To apply, send an email to

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