Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Cheese Shop Resumes Sandwich Making

A team photo of the Fat Canary and The Cheese Shop, which are both owned by the Power family. (Courtesy Mary Ellen Power Rogers.)

WILLIAMSBURG — After temporarily suspending the service, The Cheese Shop has announced that it has resumed sandwich making.

The Shop, located at 410 W. Duke of Gloucester Street in Merchants Square, resumed the service after temporarily suspending it last December. Despite the business going strong, the service was temporarily suspended due to not having enough staff to meet the increased demand.

In December, General Manager Cathy Power Pattisal told WYDaily’s Dominic Catacora, “These last few weeks of the year, our business really is focused on specialty food, cheese, wine, and beer. The sandwich business isn’t quite as busy. So we had to make a decision about where the best place to take a pause was, and that’s the best place for it.”

The Cheese Shop continued to carry beloved staples like its House Dressing, sliced meat, and a wide selection of cheeses for its consumers.

However, the sandwich-making hiatus has come to an end and just in time for spring break.

Each day, The Cheese Shop will have two different sandwiches featured and make them fresh from open until close. The sandwich selection will be available in the Shop’s to-go case along with Fat Canary soup, sliced meats (such as roast beef, ham, and turkey), cheeses, salads (like chicken, tuna, and egg), as well as sliced French bread.

It is important to note that online ordering for sandwiches is not available due to staffing.

Additionally, The Cheese Shop continues to be well-stocked with cheese, specialty foods, wine, beer, and its House Dressing.

For more information, please visit the website for The Cheese Shop.

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