Sunday, November 27, 2022

Virginia Beach City Council agrees to change language in disparity study proposal request

Virginia Beach City Hall
Virginia Beach City Hall (Justin Belichis/Southside Daily)

VIRGINIA BEACH — The city is advertising a proposal request to consultants for a disparity study, but city council agreed to change a couple of things the city manager recommended at its meeting Tuesday.

City Manager Dave Hansen recommended to strike language from the proposal request that states “should the city council authorize all three tasks.” This is written in two areas in the proposal request.

“The conversation right now is, if we’re going to do a full disparity study, we’re going to authorize all three tasks to go forward, you’re going to have a appropriation requirement for each one of those, because they are going to give you a by-task cost associated with that,” Hansen said.

Hansen’s second recommendation is that the city require a written report at the end of each task, rather than a presentation.

“There is a concern about when you are engaged in an RFP [proposal request], and have a consultant, the potential perception of the public is that giving a presentation in front of a council at the end of each task order may be effecting the way the consultant might pursue the findings, assessment and recommendations of each of those tasks,” Hansen said.

The recommendation came after Hansen and city staff met with businessman Bruce Smith and Virginia Beach Minority Business Council financial counselor Amma Guerrier. Hansen said the group reviewed a disparity study from Columbus, Ohio study the city used for reference.

“We went line by line through the methodology, we went through each of the task orders and I think we’re going to get to an agreement here,” Hansen said.

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