Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Update on KingsLand website offers insight into Pottery’s plans for property

Concept art for a KingsLand Biodome. (Courtesy
Concept art for a KingsLand Biodome. (Courtesy

A new page on the KingsLand USA website provides an update regarding the proposed tourist attraction’s timeline.

Last month it was revealed that the Williamsburg Pottery is exploring development plans for 737 acres of undeveloped land that is owned by — and adjacent to — the Pottery. The KingsLand website listed many potential plans for the property, including augmented and virtual reality attractions, indoor theme and water parks, a biodome, cultural attractions and performance areas, hotels, timeshares, and even an assisted living community for the elderly.

The new page on the KingsLand website offers clarifications about ideas for the property: “It is important to note that this list of options is far from complete. Any ideas brought to Williamsburg Pottery by developers will be considered, so long as the new development will not compete directly with the existing Williamsburg Pottery business.”

While many ideas are still under consideration, the site states that the Pottery has not yet entered into the developmental or rezoning stages of the process.  It also notes that many of these ideas are not mutually exclusive, and several may coexist on the property.

The redevelopment of the KingsLand property is still in its infancy, but the new page makes it clear what the Pottery plans to achieve.

“The goal of the Williamsburg Pottery is to either sell land to or enter a joint venture with one or more developers in order to turn this land into a profitable and quality area for both the local communities and tourists,” it read.

Peter Kao, vice president of the Williamsburg Pottery who spearheaded the Kingsland project, did not respond to calls or email by time of publication.

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