Thursday, September 29, 2022

Police: Flimflammer finangles funds from hopeful ECPI student

A flimflammer finagled funds from a hopeful ECPI University student, police say.wbpd

The charge, flimflam, is an “ancient” word for fraud, said Maj. Greg Riley of the Williamsburg Police Department.

The victim applied for an online grant to help fund his tuition to ECPI (East Coast Polytechnic Institute). ECPI is a for-profit university based in Virginia Beach.

After the victim applied for the grant, he got a call from a man who said the student would need to pay a fee using a pre-paid gift card. The student bought the pre-paid gift card and gave the caller the card information. The caller took the money but didn’t provide the promised grant funds, Riley said.

The victim reported the fraud to the Williamsburg Police Department on Sept. 9, and they have not been able to locate a suspect, Riley said.

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