Friday, August 12, 2022

York County launches interactive map of Public Works

Image of York County's new interactive map showing progress of Public Works projects. (York County)
Image of York County’s new interactive map showing progress of Public Works projects. (York County)

The Department of Public Works of York County has launched a new interactive map for citizens to track the progress of capital projects.

According to a recent press release from the county, the map will serve as an information portal where visitors to the site can view the location of ongoing projects, read a description of the project, including bid results and the project timeline, and find a link to the appropriate county staff member to contact for additional information.

“Currently, the capital projects shown on the interactive system are estimated to cost $100,000 or more,” York County Public Works Deputy Director Brian Woodward said in the release. “We had been providing County Administrator Neil Morgan with regular updates on capital projects when the idea developed to post this information online for the benefit of our citizens. We hope they find this capital project information system interesting and informative.”

According to York County Public Works Director Mark Bellamy, the goal was to make it possible for residents to easily determine the location, history and progress of each capital project, while still maintaining a user-friendly site. For example, when a site user hovers their cursor over a capital project area, a left click will enable the visitor to open a full set of public documents related to that project.

“We utilize a color coding system for easy recognition of the project type,” Bellamy said in the release. “An area highlighted in green represents a sanitary sewer project, purple is a facility capital project such as construction of a new fire station, and an area in blue represents a stormwater capital project.”

The capital project map can be accessed through the county’s home page and on the county’s page for Public Works.

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