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June 2016 Primaries: A Guide to Today’s Election

electionMost Historic Triangle residents will be able to cast a ballot in one of two primary races today.

Three candidates are competing in the Republican primary for a shot at the Virginia 2nd District U.S. House of Representatives seat, while two candidates are vying to represent Democrats in the race for the 1st District seat in the Virginia Senate.

Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. To find your polling place and see which races are on your ballot, click here.

Registration for Tuesday’s election ended May 23. Any eligible voter who signed up before that date may participate in the election.

Voters must bring a valid photo ID, which could be a Virginia driver’s license or another government ID.

Once polls close at 7 p.m., come back to to follow as the precinct results roll in.

2nd District U.S. House of Representatives Candidates

This is the first year the Historic Triangle is voting for a 2nd District representative. Electoral district boundaries were redrawn for the 3rd Congressional District after it was found they had been gerrymandered, or drawn to benefit a particular group of people.

The changes impacted the 1st Congressional District, which had encompassed most of the Historic Triangle. Now most residents will vote in the 2nd Congressional District.

The winner of today’s primary will face Democrat Shaun Brown in the November general election.

WYDaily interviewed each of the candidates for profiles ahead of the election.

  • Pat Cardwell, attorney (Profile)
  • Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Dist. 4) (Profile)
  • Del. Scott Taylor (R-Dist. 85) (Profile)

1st District Virginia Senate

City of Williamsburg residents and some James City County and York County residents will vote in the Democratic primary for the 1st District seat in the Virginia Senate. The seat was held by the late Sen. John Miller, who died in April. A special election was called April 12.

WYDaily interviewed each of the candidates for profiles ahead of the election.

  • Del. Monty Mason (D-Dist. 93) (Profile)
  • Shelly Simonds, Newport News School Board member (Profile)

Voter Information

All York County and City of Williamsburg residents can vote in the 2nd District primary.

In York County, voters in the Queens Lake precinct, which includes residents who vote at Queens Lake Middle School, and most voters in the Magruder precinct, which includes residents who vote at the Griffin-Yeates Center, can cast ballots in the 1st District Senate race. Residents in the Magruder precinct are encouraged to look up their address on the state elections website to confirm they are voting in this primary.

Voters who cast ballots at the following polling places in James City County can vote in one of the primaries:

U.S. 2nd Congressional
District (Republican)
VA 1st Senate
Berkeley D (0104)
JCC Fire Admin. Building
Yes No
Jamestown A (0201)
Legacy Hall
Yes Yes
Jamestown B (0202)
JCC Recreation Center
Yes – partial Yes
Powhatan B (0302)
Lafayette High School
No Yes
Powhatan D (0304)
Warhill High School
No Yes
Roberts A (0501)
James River Elementary
Yes Yes
Roberts B (0502)
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church
Yes No
Roberts C (0503)
Grace Baptist Church
Yes Yes
Roberts D (0504)
Rawls Byrd Elementary
Yes – partial No

Chart courtesy of James City County

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