Sunday, December 3, 2023

Where We Live: This home has a feel of a country estate

NORFOLK — What could be better than the feeling of living on a country estate in a home that looks like it might be in the middle of New England, but is located in the heart of this city?

Maybe nothing.

The home at 7307 Heron Lane offers just that.

Realtor Christine Beatty with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services said the shingle style house built in 2000 looks as if it sits on Nantucket Island.

“The home looks as if it has been there for years,” Beatty said. “It’s a really timeless design with all the modern amenities.”

It’s also located on nearly one acre.

“The property is great for kids,” she said. “Lots of yard for playing games and sports, with a beautiful pool and pool house.”

It sits on an inlet of the Lafayette River, so there’s a dock for small boats and plenty of places for fishing.

According to the owners, the home’s design began with a local architect, but was completed by a friend with an architectural background who is with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The home is intended to look old; to fit well into the neighborhood; and to look a bit smaller than it actually is, at 7,300 square feet.

It has many features of an older home, such as decorative moldings and a curved, sweeping staircase, and there’s also reclaimed wood flooring.

In addition to a pool and a pool house, the lot contains gardens and extensive landscaping.

For information on the home visit Howard Hanna online.

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