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Where We Live: Waterfront home with private pier in Kingsmill

Of Kingsmill’s nearly 3,000 acres, there are only nine properties within the neighborhood located on the river that are permitted to have their own private pier.

In 2004, Jim and Susie Zinn landed one of the coveted nine properties at 147 West Landing, which had been built in 1996 by a prominent community member.

“She chose probably the best lot on the street,” Jim said of the original homeowner. “We have over 200 feet of frontage.”

After the original homeowner moved out, Jim said, “We were fortunate to be able to succeed her in this house.”

Certain homes on the street were given permission in its original charter to have private docks, a rarity in the neighborhood even though there are many waterfront homes.

“If you look at the coastline of Kingsmill this is the only place where you can actually get down within reasonable distance to the water’s edge,” Jim said. “Most of the others involve cliffs or overgrowth that won’t permit that.”

The Zinn’s dock spans 150 feet, and houses the couple’s boats and jet skis, which they enjoy regularly.

“We get access to not only the James but in thirty minutes or less you can get to the Chickahominy,” Jim said. “Jamestown Harbor and Kingsmill’s marina are close by and College Creek is right around the corner.”

In addition to the river views, which can be seen from almost every room in the house, the homeowners like that there’s plenty of living space on the main floor and that the four bedrooms are spaced as far apart as possible, which offers extra privacy for both the homeowners and their guests.

One of the things Jim loves about the property is the recent reemergence of eagles, which live in a nest about three houses down.

“I know a lot about it because I’ve actually wrangled my way into the attic of the people who live there to take pictures of the eagles,” Jim said. “We actually see the birds on top of our boathouse teaching their offspring how to fish and how to hunt.”

But by far, Susie and Jim’s favorite thing is seeing the sun rising and setting over the water each day.

“In the morning the sun rises over the east sort of near Carter’s Grove,” Jim said. “In the evening, you have the opposite effect of the sun coming from the far west near Jamestown Island. It illuminates the water and it’s just too beautiful.”

To learn more about the home, click here.

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