Friday, June 9, 2023

Where We Live: Vacation home on water gives North Bay access on kayak, canoe, paddleboat

VIRGINIA BEACH — Waterfront homes in Sandbridge are often thought to only line the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, but there’s another body of water nearby full of life and memorable times to be had.

This contemporary-style, six-bedroom and three-and-a-half bathroom vacation home sits on the North Bay shore and gives its guests the chance to enjoy the body of water in a canoe, kayak, paddle boat and life jackets, of course.

“That was the homeowner’s decision because he does enjoy being on the water,” Lori Kneut, Siebert Realty marketing supervisor said about the boats available. “He figured with the access and the dock, it was a great experience for people who would be interested in exploring the bay, or maybe even go out fishing.”

If being in a natural body of water isn’t your thing, there’s a pool in the backyard, too.

Another feature in the home are a couple of covered outdoor porches with wicker furniture.

“You can just sit outside in the shade and enjoy the breeze,” Kneut said. “They have a really cool swing out on one of the porches that you can just sit back and relax in.”

Large windows scatter across the home’s gray panels, giving most rooms waterfront views and natural light. Inside, guests will find a game room with table tennis, Foosball, a jetted tub, board games, air hockey, a fireplace and more.

“They wanted it to be comfortable,” Lori Kneut, Siebert Realty marketing supervisor said. “They just purchased it, they haven’t owned it very long, and last year was its first rental season.”

Kneut said the homeowners decided not to overwhelm the decor with a nautical theme, giving the subject a subtle nod with a few ornaments.

“It’s very tastefully done,” Kneut said. “It’s very modern, as far as all of the furnishings and the appliances go.”

The home is listed as a rental under the title “Captain’s Watch” on Siebert Realty’s website.

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