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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Verena Residents Prepare Paper Sculptures for the Williamsburg Farmers Market

Verena Life Enrichment Director Beth Anne Williamson and resident working on a paper mache pineapple (WYDaily/Jillian Appel)

WILLIAMSBURG — Residents at the Verena At The Reserve Independent Living Facility are volunteering to help create papier-mache fruits and vegetables to make the first Williamsburg Farmers Market just a little more special.

Residents sign up to participate in crafts as a way to bond, socialize, or enjoy the art of crafting. Following a conversation with Tracy Frey, director of the Williamsburg Farmers Market, Life Enrichment Director Beth Anne Williamson thought a project for the farmer’s market would offer an opportunity for fun, while also giving back to the community.

The sculptures will provide something unique for visitors to pose and take photos with as opposed to someone in a costume or a cutout.

Residents are working in three different parts to complete the project. On the first day of the project, resident volunteers created the structure for the sculpture using tape and newspaper. The next time the group meets, they will use a glue mixture and strips of paper to smooth out the sculptures and create the final shape. On the last work day for the project, residents will paint the fruit and veggie art pieces.

Verena residents and apple sculpture for the Williamsburg farmer’s market (WYDaily/Jillian Appel)

Residents will get a chance to take a trip to the farmers market to see their project on display and in use, as well as enjoy the market itself.

Farmers market season will kick off March 4 and continue through Oct. 28. Special holiday markets will take place on Feb. 11 for Valentine’s day and Nov. 4 to Dec. 23.

For more information about Verena and the Williamsburg Farmers Market check out their websites.

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