Saturday, September 23, 2023

Deputy Chief Steve Rubino Announces Retirement From JCC Police Department After 35 Years

After 35 years of service, Deputy Chief Rubino will retire from the James City County Police Department. (Courtesy of James City County Police Department)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — On May 1, Deputy Chief Steve Rubino will retire from the James City County Police Department (JCCPD) after 35 years of service.

Rubino currently serves as the Administrative Services Division Com­mander, and is the Department’s Public Information Officer and Internal Affairs Coordinator.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist, he joined the JCCPD in January 1987.

He had many roles in the Department over the years, spending a large portion of his career on patrol. He also was a Sergeant assigned to Uniform Patrol on Day Shift, a Lieu­tenant on Evening Shift, and eventually Major over the Investigations Division.

“I enjoyed Investigations, being able to dig into the facts of a case and bring some closure to victims,” he said.

He previously was also a member of the Department’s SWAT Team, serving as a Sniper, Assistant Commander and Team Commander.

He was promoted to Deputy Chief in 2014. After 35 years in the Department, Rubino said that he will miss “the people” the most.

“In 35 years I’ve established some long-lasting relationships with people,” he said.

One thing that Rubino has learned in his job is the need to be flexible.

“It’s very difficult, obviously, when someone picks up the phone and calls 911,” he said. “They’re not having a good day, so often times they’re not happy to see us. But we have a job to do and try not to take anything personal. Be as courteous and professional as you can.”

Rubino said that he is grateful to JCC citizens for their support of the Department.

“In recent years, the views of the police has not been positive, but all in all the citizens in James City County have been very supportive of the Police Department, and I want to thank them for allowing me to serve them because they have really stood by us,” he said.

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